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APS Online Membership Application Instructions

The Australian Pain Society is a fully constituted not-for-profit association of multidisciplinary professionals with a keen interest in the prevention and management of pain for all people across their lifespan.

As such, membership is not simply a matter of paying a fee to join.

Thank you for respecting the process below.

Step 1: Complete the online form below, noting the mandatory fields.

Step 2: After you submit the form the system will send a copy of the pre-filled membership application form to your primary email address. This form will include your temporary membership number.

Step 3: Please print the emailed application form and have it signed and dated by your proposer (a current member of the APS). If you do not have a proposer, please contact your local state/territory director (refer to the APS website 'Office Bearers' section for contact information).

Step 4: Sign and date the form yourself. (Steps 3 and 4 are requirements of the APS Constitution).

Step 5: Send the signed form to the APS Secretariat. Scanned emails are preferred but the form can also be returned by fax or post (per details above)

Step 6: After the APS Membership Committee has approved your application, you will be notified by email and requested to make payment accordingly.

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Membership Type

Choose the correct tier based on your Pre-Tax Gross Income

Note: Pre-tax gross income is the annual income from all the sources, i.e. not only from pain related work.

If you select Student Membership, the following criteria must be met:

  • Proof of full time student status from educational institution to be provided; and
  • Annual income within specified limit, as per below


Special Interest Group

Please check the below box if you wish to join the Special Interest Group

APS Gift Fund Donation

The Australian Pain Society (APS), an ATO registered charity, works to support PhD Scholarships, pain education and research. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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