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APS Secretariat

c/- DC Conference &
Association Management

PO Box 637

North Sydney NSW 2059


Head Office

Secretariat Office

c/- DC Conference &
Association Management

Suite 103, Level 1

3 West Street

North Sydney NSW 2060


Registered Charity



Membership Levels

As provided under the Constitution and by-laws of the Australian Pain Society, membership is available in several categories with a tiered fee structure, being:

Regular membership

Regular membership of the Australian Pain Society is normally open to Health Professionals or Researchers working or interested in the field of Pain Medicine or management. Regular Members should have a tertiary qualification. Applications will be reviewed and assessed by the membership committee of the APS.

Student membership

Student membership is normally open to bona fide full time students over the age of seventeen years whose course will lead to professional qualifications that might lead them to take up regular membership.

Retiree membership

Retiree membership is available to members who are fully retired yet maintain an interest in staying involved with the society.

Honorary membership

Honorary membership is available to members who are APS Distinguished Members and is also considered for members who may be considering ceasing their membership due to retirement and have belonged to the APS for a total of 30 or more years (whether continuous or interrupted). In cases of over 30 years membership, the APS Board will happily receive brief applications to the secretariat office.

Honorary membership is further specified between: 

  • Honorary Retired; and
  • Honorary Working

Membership rights

Only financial, regular, retiree, student and honorary members have the right to vote at ordinary, annual or special meetings of the society, may hold official positions within the society, join society special interest groups and be able to nominate or second any class of new member.

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