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Basic Pain Research Special Interest Group

This Special Interest Group (SIG) is formally consituted under the By-Laws of the
Australian Pain Society Constitution, adopted 10 April 2019.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Basic Pain Research Special Interest Group (SIG) shall be to share, improve and promote scientific knowledge and understanding regarding the components of nociception and pain at the level of molecules and cells in animals and humans. This is to provide enough data to bridge the gap between basic and clinical research for the benefit of pain patients.

Aims and Objectives

The Australian Pain Society SIG on Basic Pain Research aims to:

  • Provide a platform for discussion, communication and collaboration between researchers that share the common interest in basic research to understand the signaling and underlying causes of nociception and pain.
  • Promote awareness for the need of basic pain research
  • Promote translational research based on robust basic research and the interdisciplinary collaboration among basic researchers, clinicians and other health care professionals
  • Provide guidance for ethical questions and training in animal models of pain
  • Disseminate up to date knowledge of new developments in the area of basic pain research

Basic Pain Research SIG Membership Information:

Must have current APS Membership to join the SIG. Annual SIG Fee: $30


Please refer to the APS Calendar of Events for Seminars and Symposiums specific to Basic Pain Research.

Travel Grant

From 2018, a single dedicated PhD student Travel Grant of $500 will be made available to a Basic Pain Research SIG member.
SIG members must apply through the APS Travel Grant process.

Executive Roles and Terms

Role Membership Term
Chairperson APS 2 years
Immediate Past Chair APS 1 year
Honorary Secretary APS 2 years; can stand for up to 6 years
Communications Officer APS 2 years; can stand for up to 6 years
APS Board Representative APS Dr Will Howard (APS Secretary)

Current Office Bearers

Australian Pain Society Basic Pain Research SIG Executive for 2019-2020  
Chair Dr Nicholas Veldhuis
Immediate Past Chair Prof Rainer Haberberger
Secretary Dr Ernie Jennings
Communications Officer A/Prof Brett Graham

Functions and Operational Notes

  • The Australian Pain Society Basic Pain Research SIG Annual General Meetings (AGMs) shall be held as part of the APS meeting.
  • The Honorary Secretary shall manage official correspondence, agendas and minutes.
  • The Communication Officer shall manage relevant website content, communications with members and external partners (with consent of the Australian Pain Society Board as required).
  • A member of the SIG Executive shall represent the SIG on the Scientific Program Committee of each Australian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

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