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APRA Objectives

The Australian Pain Relief Association (APRA) is a non profit organisation formed in 1984 by Dr Ignacy Listwan, following the death of his wife Wiska, to help confront the enormous problem of pain in our country.

Millions of Australian men, women and children are suffering in pain. It is a health problem of huge proportions which affects individuals and the lives of their families on a daily basis. It diminishes and can eliminate ‘quality of life´ and leads to desperation and despair.

APRA's aim is to improve the treatment of pain by researching the causes, mechanisms and methods of alleviating pain in adults and children.

APRA Activities

  • APRA sponsors a Doctorate of Philosophy postgraduate scholarship for study in a pain related field in an Australian university.
  • APRA awards two scholarships each year for trainees to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society.
  • APRA also awards a Student Prize for the most outstanding writing on a given essay topic. Presentation of this award is made at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society.
  • APRA supported the development of a newsletter for chronic pain sufferers and a brochure entitled “Management of Chronic Pain’.
  • APRA also sponsored the development of the ‘Clinical Handbook on Pain for Health Professionals´.