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Pain Management Guide (PMG) Toolkit for Aged Care, 2nd Edition


The PMG Toolkit 2nd Edition is a resource for aged care facilities to implement the book Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities: Management Strategies 2nd Edition (Pain in RACF2). Printable Resources are also included below, such as fact sheets, posters, handouts, assessment scales, plans, and checklists. The toolkit is published by the National Ageing Research Institute and the Australian Pain Society.

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The PMG Toolkit, 2nd Edition

Click this button to download the toolkit: PMG Toolkit 2nd Edition, 2021

Printable Resources

The ready made resources that are downloadable from this page are free to use in Australian residential aged care facilities. Acknowledgement and attribution must be retained. Click the name of the printable resource to access the resource.

Third party copyright
Wherever a third party holds copyright in this material, the copyright remains with that party.

Links to some Pain Assessment Scales and Templates are also available on this page for your convenience. Their permission may be required to use the material. Please contact them directly.

Resource Group Name Doc # Resource Filename
Systems and Governance documents 1a

1a Pain Management Audit Checklist Residential - WORD

1a Pain Management Audit Checklist Residential - PDF

1b Pain Action Plan for Residential Care - WORD

1b Pain Action Plan for Residential Care - PDF
Posters  2a  2a Poster- 4 Steps Pain Management - simple 
  2b  2b Poster- 4 Steps to Pain Management - detailed 
  2c  2c Poster- BioPsychoSocial Factors 
  2d  2d Poster- Management Pain More Than Medication 
  2e  2e Poster- See Change Think Pain 
  2f  2f Poster- Pain ID and Assessment Flow Chart 
Fact Sheets for particular people or staff     
For Residents and Families 3a  3a Fact1 Resident- Pain Management Residential Care 
  3b 3b Fact2 Resident- Opioid Medications 
For Aged Care Staff and Health Professionals 3c  3c Fact1 Staff- Understanding Pain 
  3d  3d Fact 2 Staff- Pain Identification 
  3e  3e Fact3 Staff- Pain Assessment 
  3f  3f Fact4 Staff- Non-Pharm Pain Strategies 
  3g  3g Fact5 Staff- Pharm Pain Strategies 
For Visiting GPs 3h  3h Fact1 GP- Pharmacological Treatment of Pain 
For Care Workers 3i  3i Fact 1 PCA- Pain and Older People Residential 
  3j  3j Fact2 PCA- Assessing Pain 
  3k  3k Fact3 PCA- Pain Management without Medicine 
  3l  3l Fact4 PCA- Pain Management with Medicine 
  3m  3m Fact5 PCA- Tips for Reassuring About Pain 
General Handouts  4a  4a Handout- Key Principles Pain in Older People 
  4b  4b Handout- Pain Prevention 
  4c  4c Handout- Causes and Types of Pain 
  4d  4d Handout- How Pain May Affect a Resident 
  4e  4e Handout- Managing Constipation 
  4f  4f Handout- Questions Pain Assessment Interview 
  4g  4g Handout- Signs of Pain in Older People 
  4h  4h Handout- The Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Pain 
  4i  4i Handout- Role of Staff in Pain Process 
  4j  4j Handout- Identifying Physical Pain Types 
  4k  4k Handout- Pain in Dementia 
  4l  4l Handout- Pain Management at End of Life
  4m  4m Handout- ICF Model 
Pain assessment scales and templates  5a  5a Scale- Summary of Pain Assessment Scales 
  5b  5b Scale- Pain Care Goal Plan 
  5c Pain in RACF2 Appendix 1- Modified Resident’s Verbal Brief Pain Inventory (M-RVBPI) 
  5d Pain in RACF2 Appendix 2- Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) 
  5e Pain in RACF2 Appendix 3- Verbal Descriptor Scale (VDS) 
  5f Pain in RACF2 Appendix 5- Abbey Pain Scale 
  5g  Pain in RACF2 Appendix 6- Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale (PAINAD) 
  5h Pain in RACF2 Appendix 7- Pain chart template 
Assessing nutritional status  6a  6a Nutrition- Tips Subjective Global Assessment 
  6b  6b Nutrition- Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) 
  6c 6c Nutrition- Tips Mini-Nutritional Assessment 
  6d 6d Nutrition-Mini-Nutritional Assessment (MNA-SF) 
Other documents  7a  7a Other- Case Study1 Mario 
  7b 7b Other- Case Study2 Margaret