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Level 3 Facility – Pain Practice or Single Modality/Body Region Clinic

  • A pain practice can be a single health care provider licensed in their speciality with speciality pain medicine training or equivalent.
  • This provider must be knowledgeable about the contributions of biological, psychological, and social/environmental factors to pain problems.
  • There must be a system for obtaining consultation as needed from health care providers from other specialities.
  • The provider should refer patients to a multidisciplinary pain clinic or centre whenever there are diagnostic or therapeutic issues that exceed the provider’s capabilities.
  • Single modality therapy programs should be identified by the modality they utilise (e.g. “Biofeedback Clinic”)
  • Programs that specialise in one region of the body or a specific type of pain should be identified accordingly in their title (e.g. “Spinal Clinic”)
  • Single modality clinic staff should routinely collect and summarise data on the characteristics and outcomes of the patients evaluated and treated in the clinic, and should engage in continuous quality improvement efforts.